1st Annual Pineapple Bowl

Saturday, February 1, 2020 (9:00PM-2:30AM)

7v7 Tournament (HS Only)

4 Game Minimum


EMT/Medic On-Site


7v7 (2 Attack, 2 Midfield, 2 Defense, 1 Goalie)

Long Poles Allowed

Maximum of 3 Long Poles on Field at One Time

25-Minute Games

Playing Field Rules

Penalties are Straight Time

No Body Checking

Central Horn (Double Horn to signal 1 minute remaining)

Face-Off to Start Each Game

Substitutions on the Fly

Goalie Clears After a Goal is Scored (re-starting after the Official's whistle)

10 Second Count to Clear the Ball Past Midfield

No Offensive Box

Off-Sides Enforced (Must Keep 3 Players Back on Defensive Half at All Times)

Goalie can cross Midfield to Clear

No Timeouts


12 Team Maximum - (2 Divisions) - North & South

No Back-to-Back Games in Pool Play

No Long Lay-offs between Games

8-Team Single Elimination Playoff

Ability to sign up Individually and play on one of our "OPEN" Teams for $40 per player.

Sign Up HERE to play!

2020 Results:

1. South Fayette

2. Freeport

3. Hempfield

4. Ultimate Lax 2021

5. Pine Richland

6. Butler

7. Chartiers Valley

8. All Valley

9. Ultimate Lax 2023

10. Ultimate Lax 2022

11. North Hills

12. Trinity


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