December 3, 2019

"My boys have participated in countless clinics, played with our school's youth program for five years and spent the past summer traveling the East Coast for tournaments.  So, lacrosse isn't new to my family, but Ultimate Lax is.  Through all of those experiences, it becomes somewhat easy to see what works and what doesn't, and, so far for us, Ultimate Lax works.  It has been refreshing to know that we have invested in an organization that cares about the kids by making things fun and treating everyone personally and recognizes family life by scheduling multiple options and opportunities.  In a relatively short period of time, my boys have been given unique opportunities to play in a fun, fast-paced league with kids from all over Pittsburgh, to participate in a lacrosse tournament with outstanding competition on an NFL field, and to interact and learn from amazingly gifted and generous PLL players...all at no extra cost beyond the initial registration fee!  There is no catch, no sales pitch, no hoops to jump through because at Ultimate Lax, the focus is on kids and lacrosse.  It's as simple -- and wonderful -- as that." -Franklin Regional Parent

December 30, 2019

"Ultimate Lax has been a game changer not only for Alex but for all of us!  It is a family oriented club that embraces the kids AND their families.  Our son has never played so much lacrosse for any other team - and his game improved on so many levels!  We attribute that to being in a positive environment, year round clinics and tournaments, and passionate coaching.  Everything about Ultimate is amazing for our family!" -Mount Lebanon Parent


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