To provide players with the highest level of competition to grow their skills on and off the field. 


Ultimate Lax is a Non-Profit Organization that was developed to build an environment in which coaches could give back to young athletes that are interested in elevating their game.  Ultimate Lax strives to provide a first-class experience for every one of its families. Lacrosse is not just a sport, it is a brotherhood.  Young men will learn important life lessons that will help them become successful in any challenge they may face.

At Ultimate Lax, a high level of lacrosse content and instruction is delivered through year round training and clinics. This is evident in the form of teamwork. Coaches use practice not to drill set-plays into players's heads, but to focus on skills and information with a unique style of play that players can carry into their college career. Ultimate Lax teaches advanced concepts, with a concentrated focus on core fundamentals that can be used on any team at any level of play. 


Ultimate Lax does not focus on winning but rather how players attempt and execute the gameplan, regardless of their opinion. It is the focus of this organization to teach players the correct way to play the game of lacrosse. The success of a player is evaluated by the level of improvement seen from game to game. The goal of Ultimate Lax is to grow the skills of players by challenging them to a level of play they have never seen. 

The Ultimate Lax guarantee is that a player WILL get better while training and playing with this organization. With the right work ethic and mindset, any young athlete can achieve success.

Our Coaching Philosophy

At Ultimate Lax, our coaches are unlike many others. The coaches of Ultimate Lax do not teach "daddy ball" or "hero ball" but rather players are taught how to play as a team, share the ball and play real lacrosse. Parents must understand that the product on the field may not be what is familiar. It is taught that not all goals are "good" goals. Players are challenged to

read and react to each situation without the use of set plays to become more successful.


Ultimate Lax has a group of staff that can provide advice on the recruiting process from first-hand experiences.

"On April 14, 2017 the NCAA Division I Council voted to pass a new early recruiting proposal stating that college lacrosse coaches cannot communicate with prospective student athletes until September 1st of their Junior Year of high school. This means that club coaches will be more active in the recruiting process becasue they will still be allowed to communicate with college coaches about student-athletes. Feedback from clubs will be even more important now that athletes can no longer speak directly to college coaches."


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